The world began the same instant a child is born. The essence of the universe was molded by thoughts. Imagination was – and still is – the very foundation of this world.

Many civilizations came and equally many failed. Perhaps, by luck, a civilization stayed. Few did succeed in withstand the great and unforgiving trials. Their place was among the other civilizations in  the great World’s Tree, those unfortunate had wilted and fell to the ground.

Interesting characters spawned from the imagination. The very first having no proper name recognized by the proper first name/last name format. His name was Neo Dragon, a character conjured from a third grader. His form was that of a tiger – and as time went on – became human. Not a single soul would ever know of what happened to Neo Dragon and was forgotten, but still there. As time went on, soon characters had become more and more human in aspect, possessing the common name format (examples being “John Doe”). Approximately a cast of 70 different characters had arisen, some named after characters of mythology.

“Where did this world come from?” you may ask. The answer is simple.

It was forged from the imagination of a single person.