10 Minute Musing

(a 10 Minute Musing is essentially me typing down whatever I think of for 10 minutes.)

The deluge of rain. Never ending, unceasing. I extend my hand out, letting the raindrops hit my arm. Each little drop hitting my skin as quickly as a kitten paws at a toy. The relaxing smell of the rain falling soothes my senses. Though cracks of lightning interrupt, it doesn’t matter. In this little haven, this little Eden, everything is peaceful. My Scottish Fold kitten wanders outside, curious as to what is happening. While my kitten explores, I decide to stand out in the rain under the darkened sky. For what reason, I have yet to know. Simple things go unquestioned, like the joyful feeling the rain gives off. The various flora in this garden holds many varieties, even some looking like it came from a fantasy. With a rose in my hand, I am careful to not injure myself as I hold it by the thorns. In a way, the world is like this situation, where the balance hangs by nothing more than a simple thread. The thorns as vices, my hand as virtue, a single misstep will harm virtue. Truth – why does everyone yearn for it so badly, yet reject it if it is not what they want to hear? Why do people insist that the world is only either black or white, when in reality, it is gray? One decision may have one hurt someone precious to them or have them harm many others. For such musings to be entertained from simply being in the rain to manifest within my mind, it is rather unusual. Even strange. The end.

© Souma Spiritus 2017

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