Another 10 Minute Musing

It is sunny out today. The world illuminated by the golden orb. Like a ball slightly squished, one side is bright, the other, dark. Walking down the street, it is a bit chilly, though I do not mind it. After some jokes in the institution for education, I find this walk to be rather pleasant, like a warm cup of hot chocolate in the wintertime or s’mores while camping out. Though honestly, I do not even leave my house at all on the weekends as I spend time in my room. Doing what exactly is information privy to I alone. The clouds block the sun from view, dropping the temperature. The little ponds are still around from the rain yesterday. Music in my ear and my spatial awareness at its peak, I continue walking as if I was an aircraft on autopilot. The roar of the vehicles going by of the roads, I still continue on my way, undisturbed. Upon reaching my residence, I once again hear the sound of doors opening and closing, but only for a short period of time. Relaxing as I lay upon my bed, I play some songs that I take fancy in. Reading books as having gotten bored, I read in the quietness with the exception of the music. My imagination taking over, I see many events unfold. Those of war and romance, beauty and destruction. Having gotten tired of that, I go to sleep. The quiet atmosphere generated as the music ends.

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