Fantasia Winter’s Revelation: Destiny (FWR:D)

A lone man stand in the beautiful grassy meadow, the summer sun shining brightly as the light bathes the nearby trees in a heavenly glow. The man appeared to be in his late 20s, yet rather strikingly youthful. Flawless skin, cloud-white hair, and sapphire blue eyes with a gaze so sharp it could split apart the heavens. His black cloak dances in the cool wind, revealing his weapon. This man was anything but ordinary – even his appearance hints at such.

A quick shadow appears in the treeline, going from tree to tree. The creature, although precise features cannot be easily defined, was at least 50 feet tall. Wide and husky as Bigfoot, yet looked similar to a werewolf.

The man was calm enough to even make the seven seas stagnant. Neither side has yet to make a move, for even his foe knew well enough to not be too hasty. In a single moment, the peace was torn apart, for the beast decided it was the perfect time to strike from behind.

“Got tired?” the man asks, his voice beautifully deep and smooth that it could enchant even the queen of elves. He had drawn his blade – a black katana that absorbed all rays that rained down upon it.

The monster’s appearance was now clear to see. Its pale, luminescent blue eyes, black fur with a film of blood, and a wide mouth filled with jagged, pearl white teeth flashing a toothy grin was enough to frighten even a veteran who fought in many wars, but the man was unfazed. Even though the beast’s body shows clear signs of incredible and overpowering strength, its hand and the talon-like claws were stopped by this mere mortal.

“Who are you?” the beast asks with a voice being an ungodly combination of nails scratching a chalkboard and the intense raspiness of a smoker’s voice.

“I am Linden. Though it is not important, since you shall fall to my blade,” he replies.

“Arrogant insect! You are nothing more than a mere flea!”

The beast leaped back several meters, and in a moment, charged at Linden at full strength, attacking with the force of a meteor striking a pebble; however, it was all for naught. The beast’s body was cut with a single, horizontal swing of Linden’s blade.

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