The Demon Lord & The Hero(ine)

“You seriously need to take a break, Griffith,” a woman in a lab coat says.

“You need not worry, Charlotte,” Griffith responds with a smile.

“If we complete this task, it may just be the greatest achievement in all of human history.”

“Haiz… though it is stressful.”

“Eh? You can actually be stressed out?”

“Oi. I’m not dead inside – yet,” Griffith spoke with what Charlotte called a ‘dorky’ grin, but it was a grin she loved.

Griffith and Charlotte Mallory. Geniuses of the 30th century. Legendary status humans who are known as “masters of all”, holders of every degree known to humanity ever since they first graduated from ivy league universities at the tender age of 13. They are said to have reached the epitome of humanity, literally peerless in every sense of the word.

Outside of academics, they are unmatched in every aspect of human civilization. In every Hall of Fame you can name, one would have to live under a rock.

Entire nations try to get the pair’s influence under their control – only to have it reversed, the world now under the peerless couple’s control.

However, they were not the tabloids portrayed. In fact, they were so far from being evil that one would have to suffer a severe illness to consider the two as “evil”. In fact, their political view is centrist-liberal, favoring balance over all, as words are cheap. Actions, on the other hand, is much more costly.

So what happened? What went wrong?

Charlotte Mallory died from an automobile accident. It was not even a conspiracy at all. How could anybody bring themselves to hate the “Living Saints”, besides the zealots?

The truck driver, who was involved, could not believe that he had killed one of the most esteemed people in human history.

He was not struck down by Griffith’s wrath. Griffith had understood the man’s pain and later befriended the man.

However, Griffith would later kill himself.

Was this perhaps fate?

After it became known that the Saints had died, humanity sparked wars once more and became extinct, for their “peace” meant destruction and “equality” meant superiority. Such things is the folly of humanity’s impurity.

[Author’s Note]

This story will use certain aspects of light novels. In the beginning dialogue, Charlotte speaks, then Griffith, then Charlotte, then Griffith, then Charlotte, and lastly Griffith.

When you see me utilize the whole ABAB (Character A, Character B, Character A, Character B) format, it is a conversation between two people and only two people unless I put specific character tags. Hopefully, this explanation will be useful.

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