TDL&TH Chapter II: Reincarnated

Ah… insert phrase here that indicates the beginning of a typical reincarnation story.

Well, I certainly died. That much is a given.

I am Griffith Mallory – nay, I am Artem Lockwood now.

I was given another chance at life by Akasha, a being close enough to be believed as a deity. Akasha had offered me a chance of reincarnation so that I may once again meet Charlotte again.

Akasha warned me that a chance is still a “chance” – in a proper term, a gamble.

Being rather bored, Akasha decided to play British Blackjack (also known as Switch). My victory meant a higher chance of meeting Charlotte again and Akasha’s victory meant a lowered chance. It was a deathly close game that ended with my victory, but it was purely based upon luck.

“I will send you to where Charlotte most likely is located,” Akasha says, placing down the cards in his(?) hand and moves his(?) raven-black hair out of the way of his(?) face, revealing oak-brown eyes.

That is as much as I can remember.

“Awake already?” inquires a feminine voice by my side.

Emerald-green eyes, luscious blonde hair, and a elfin-like body. This rather attractive person is Akasha.

“You decided to follow me?” I ask in response.

“Well, you did win the game after all. It would leave a bad taste in my mouth if I did not suitably reward you.”

“So… what is my role in this world?”

“Demon lord~☆”


“Are you daft (punk)? You’re a demon lord~ just look at your status page~”

“And just how do I do that?”

“Easy! Just say 《Status Open》!”

“I swear to… you, I guess. Don’t know any supposed deities other than you… if it is a typical broken character status… 《Status Open》”

Name: Artem Lockwood
True Name: Griffith Mallory
Class: Dominion Overlord
Race: Demonic Dragon
Background: Reincarnated Human
Age: 18
Height: 5’9″
Weight: 130 pounds
Hit Points: 999,999,999,999
Strength: 999,999,999,999
Dexterity: 999,999,999,999
Constitution: 999,999,999,999
Intelligence: 999,999,999,999
Wisdom: 999,999,999,999
Charisma: 999,999,999,999
《One-Handed mastery EX》 《Martial Art mastery EX》 《Bladed Weaponry mastery EX》《Blunt Weapon mastery EX》《Ranged Weapon mastery EX》《Spellcasting mastery EX》《Smithing mastery EX》《Alchemy mastery EX》 《Culinary Arts mastery EX》《Polearm Weaponry mastery EX》《Smartphone mastery EX》《Anti-Communist Propaganda mastery UEX》《Creation mastery EX》《Mixing mastery EX》《Music mastery EX》《Cooking mastery EX》《Baking mastery EX》《Carpentry mastery EX》《Tailoring mastery EX》《Acrobatics mastery EX》《Forging mastery EX》《Sadism mastery EX》《Appraisal mastery EX》《Taming mastery EX》《Hiding mastery EX》《Sneaking mastery EX》《Sprinting mastery EX》《Swimming mastery EX》《Shield mastery EX》《Parry mastery EX》《Blade Throwing mastery EX》《Dual Blade mastery EX》《Fishing mastery EX》《Otaku mastery EX》《Katana mastery EX》《Acting mastery EX》《Mace mastery EX》《Songwriting mastery EX》《Kpop Trash mastery EX》《One-Handed Axe mastery EX》《One-Handed Rapier mastery EX》《Crying mastery EX》《One-Handed Dagger mastery EX》 《One-Handed Curved Blade mastery EX》《One-Handed Sword mastery EX》《One-Handed Greatsword mastery EX》《One-Handed Warhammer mastery EX》《Petting mastery EX》《Two-Handed Assault Spear mastery EX》《Science mastery EX》《Edgelord mastery EX》《Two-Handed Battle Axe mastery EX》《Chuunibyou mastery EX》《Two-Handed Straight Swordmastery EX》《Regeneration EX》
《Demon Lord》《Jack of all Trades》《Reincarnator》《He Who Searches》《Harbinger of Fear》《Doombringer》《Holder of Many Titles》《Omae wa, mou shindeiru》《Nani?!》《Master of All》

“OI. What is this, Akasha? Kpop Trash mastery? Otaku mastery? And surely Smartphone mastery is referencing something!”

“It works.”

“What about Anti-Communist Propaganda mastery?!”

“Dirty Commies.”



“You are something, Akasha…”

“I know, right?” she says with a proud smile.

[Author’s Note]

The skills with UEX mean that the skill is at its highest peak. EX skills will vary in the amounts of experience points.

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