TDL&TH Chapter III: A New Start

“Well, whatever. Lets actually start getting down to business,” Griffith says with a rather heavy sigh, “where are we?”

“In a cabin directly north of the Elesian Kingdom,” she(?) responds, “you can view the menu by saying 《Menu Open》. From there, you can access skills, inventory, map, status, crafting, and other things~☆”

“I don’t expect you to follow me, so do whatever you want after I leave,” I say.

“Ah, before you go, take this,” she says and tosses a bag to Griffith, who successfully catches it and places the bag into his inventory.

《You have received 200 Platinum》

“What’s the currency in this world?”

“1 platinum is worth 10 gold, 1 gold is worth 2 electrum, 1 electrum is worth 5 silver, and 1 silver is worth 10 copper. Depending on where you go, the currency changes.”


“Are you not going to ask more questions?”

“Well, can you put in a material search function in the map?” Griffith asks as he looks at the map.

“Ah, why not,” Akasha responds and adds the function.

“And I’ll need an entire collection of books about everything, but ignore religion.”

“You can go to a school…”

“Why would I need such an institution?”

“To learn. To make friends.”

“You can give me the books. I’ll make friends if it is necessary.”

“Haiz… promise that you make friends at least once I give you the books.”

“Fine. I’ll play friendly.”

“Good. In the Elesian Kingdom, there is the Akashic Record Academy. I want you to attend that academy and graduate by the time 4 years is complete.”

“And just why do you want me to be there?”

“To begin your journey.”

“Ha… a demon lord amongst the other races?”

“You may be a demon lord, but you can still go amongst the other races, correct?”


“Then it will not be a problem as long as you do not go over the 1 thousand mark of your true power. At that point, your demon lord miasma will seep out, thus compromising your status.”

“But that would still be fairly overpowered, would it not?”

“You would be an equal match for the Hero, even at maximum power. Remember, you are certainly not the biggest fish in this pond, because this pond is an ocean. You, the Hero, and the Hero’s party is merely a bunch of whales.”

“Oi. Are you seriously crazy? There are things stronger than us?”

“Yes. In the book you will read, there are the Lords, who are being stronger than you, the Hero, and the Hero’s party. Taking on one of them will be a challenge all on its own – in fact, you’d want to pack the best gear and potions to stand a chance.

The Lords are the strongest of the mortal realm. Beating them means that one of you would replace their spot. Of course, one person defeating the Lords makes them the Emperor.

The Emperor is a single mortal who had unified all the seats of the Lords to create the Throne.

There are other strong beings outside the Mortal Realm, but I will inform you once the time comes.”

“Haiz… well, it is good to know that there will be a challenge.”

“Here is the books and be sure to head to the Academy.”

On the menu, a 《Library》 section appears. Of course, Griffith would see it as he opens the menu.

“Alright,” he says and leaves cottage, heading for the Akashic Records Academy.

“I forgot to give him his identification card to prove that he is a student there. Well, I can put it into his inventory…” Akasha says and snaps her fingers, “screw it. I’m a bit too lazy to go after him anyways.”

[Author’s Note]

Chapter Three of The Demon Lord & The Hero(ine) is complete!

If you have not noticed, the Point of View changes each chapter. On the next chapter, we start with Griffith’s POV.

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