TDL&TH Chapter IV: Royal Encounter?

I look at the vibrant blue sky as I walk, the white clouds slowly drifting from the East to the West while wind combs over the grassy meadow.

Ah… it always gave me a calming feeling. But as always, such a scene never lasts forever.

As the sound of my footsteps upon the dirt road, birds chirping, the flapping of my lab coat, and the swaying trees, nothing could ever feel relaxing as this.

Still, it makes me feel ever so slightly nostalgic.

Me, walking all alone in a world I don’t know… reminds me of how I nearly decided to run away from home.

I wonder… what would have happened if I did leave?

My thoughts get cutoff by the sound of distant combat – it’s the whole fateful encounter thing, right? Eh, it won’t hurt me to check it out.

Using much of my power, I effortlessly reach the site. I do not bother hiding myself, as it would be too troublesome if I were to be discovered anyways.

Analysis of the situation… complete.

20 males. Mercenaries according to their gear and the insignia differing from the others. Ten are currently in combat with the defending force of 10 presumably royal knights. The other ten have managed to break through the ten royal knights in the back – you would think royal knights would at least be better than mercenaries, right? Eh, they were probably greenhorns anyway.

The 10 presumed royal knights all follow a uniform armor with a uniform royal crest – if judged upon design alone. Upon their shields are either their house crest or their lord’s crest. The ten that failed are dead, if based upon the blood alone. It is best assumed that they are escorting a princess in that gaudy carriage – after all, this current time era seems close to Medieval Europe.

Ah. A lady in a very ornate dress was taken out from the carriage.

Well, I am a knightly being of sorts – despite being a demonic dragon.

[Calibrating strength for optimal combat… complete]
[Preparation for hostage rescue… complete]
[Calibrating emotions… complete]

Leaping down from my spot, only a single thought runs through my mind.

I hope they aren’t too squishy.

[Author’s Notes]

As mentioned in the prior chapter, POV will alternate between Griffith and the Narrator. I hope this chapter has been enjoyable for you readers!

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