TDL&TH Chapter V: Meeting A Princess

Griffith landed gracefully, yet made no sound. All eyes were on him, each person having a different reason.

That silky, unnaturally white hair, wondrous sapphire eyes, flawless skin, and armor made of a silver-like metal and white cloak made it seem as if Griffith was some sort of celestial knight.

Not a soul could say anything – they were speechless at the divine sight. However, it did not last long when he rushed at each mercenary, becoming a white streak with a trail of blood following its wake.

The mercenary leader could not comprehend what had taken place before his very eyes. One moment, his side was attaining an easy victory – but now? It seemed to be nothing more than an illusion. One of his men who had held their target as a hostage had been killed before the hostage even received the slightest of wounds.

“I… I surrender!” he yells and throws down his weapon.

In a mere second, his head was lobbed off with Griffith’s cold response being the last thing the mercenary leader would hear –


Having stopped his one-sided battle, Griffith had wielded a blade made of pure mana – it was plenty lightweight, but as sharp as a well-forged steel sword. Dispersing it, Griffith turns to the princess-like girl who had fallen from relief.

[Emotions recalibrated to normal settings… complete]

“… Apologies for having you see such bloodshed,” Griffith said as he walked over to her, extending his hand as an offer to help her up.

What stood out to her was that Griffith’s white cloak and armor did not have a single drop of blood or speck of dirt of combat – such a warrior capable of doing so while striking down enemies so effortlessly is one not to anger. Yet, his eyes seemed so emotionless, as if he was a machine.

“Thank you for your assistance. I am princess Harmonia Sylvein of the Elesian Kingdom,” she says as she takes up his offer, “you are…?”

Gracefully lifting her up, he says, “I am Artem Lockwood. Soon to be student at Akashic Records Academy.”

The royal guards who were left were rather speechless – they had never seen such deadly skill in battle, even more so against highly experienced mercenaries. How could such a person be merely a student? Yes, the academy is the most prestigious school for the talented, but a newbie should not be so deadly to this degree!

“This one shall accompany your highness’ escort unit, for our destination is the same,” Griffith says rather casually. Although such a tone is indeed disrespectful, none were skilled enough to possibly pose even the slightest challenge and besides – it would be nice to be assured of safety.

“Please do so,” princess Harmonia responds and prepares to head back into the carriage.

《Cleanse》” Griffith chants, creating a rather large magic circle on the ground.

As according to the spell name, it is a spell that cleans and its range limited to whatever is inside the magic circle. Thus, the royal knights, carriage, clothing, armor, and weapons were all cleaned. Griffith then quickly looted the bodies of the mercenaries.

Currency total:
Platinum – 200
Gold – 0
Silver – 5
Electrum – 13
Copper – 25

After doing so, he went alongside the carriage and escorted them to Moonlight Castle, which was located a 10 miles away from Akashic Records Academy and near a coastline.

Griffith had not looked at princess Harmonia carefully, but after seeing her step down from her carriage, he is not surprised that she is rather beautiful – long, silken brown hair, emerald eyes, flawless skin, a youthful body, and an aura that makes everything around her sparkle.

However, he was not fazed by such a sight and continued onwards to the throne room.

The walk was not particularly boring to say the least. In fact, he found it quite delightful, as the corridor had windows that he could look out from that revealed quite a view. Not the best, but certainly close.

He quite liked the marble floor, granite ceiling, oak walls, and marble pillars, making him imagine what such a place would look like at a full moon night.

And so he stands before a metal door that can be best described as a gate.

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