TDL&TH Chapter VII: Akashic Records Academy

Leaving Moonlight Castle, Griffith runs towards Akashic Records Academy. Nearly reaching the height of his limited speed, he had arrived shortly without any real issue.

Of course, he had to slow down before he reached the gate.

“Are you Artem Lockwood?” the guard asks after looking through a list.

“Yes, sir,” he responds and checks his inventory to get out the identification card.

I am not even surprised that Akasha would do this, thought Griffith.

“Welcome to your first day here,” the guard says and hands back the card.

“Thank you,” Griffith responds.

Going past the gate, the enchanting scenery unfolds before him. The academy did not look quite like an academic institution, but more like a town – tudor style buildings, flower beds, wondrous aspen and magnolia tress all around the place. As Griffith stood in place, taking in the scenery.

“Are you… Artem Lockwood?” a voice inquires.

The person before him was a girl who has long, beautiful, snowy-white hair and wondrous, rhodochrosite pink eyes, who wore a white sleeveless dress shirt, black cardigan, black pleated skirt, red tie tied in a double Windsor knot, and black shoes.

“That’s me… miss?”

“Ah, I forgot to introduce myself!” she apologetically bows and and says, “my name is Asuka Fujita. I am the student council vice-president of Akashic Records Academy.”

If one were to put it into a sentence, Asuka’s name would mean “the bird flies over the field of wisteria flowers”… how quaint, Griffith thought.

“Nice to meet you, Asuka. I hope we can get along from here on out,” Griffith says as he extends his hand for a handshake.

“Yes, lets get along,” Asuka responds and shakes Griffith’s hand, “as roommates.”

“But… you are a girl…?”

“I’m a guy, so there isn’t a problem with being roommates, right?”

Of course there is a trap, thought Griffith, it won’t hurt to get along though.

“Not a problem at all,” Griffith responds.

As Asuka leads Griffith around the campus, he asks, “where is the student council president?”

“The student council president is princess Harmonia Sylvein, but as the next in line for the crown, she has been rather busy as of late.”

“It makes sense,” I respond, “Moonlight Castle is quite a distance from here.”

While Asuka talked about the services on campus and places that I should visit at least once, I found the tour of sorts to be quite relaxing. This world is significantly different from my old world – the technology seems to be either medieval or possibly developed differently due to the presence of magic, the obvious facts that although magic has dominated the technology of this world, researchers do understand concepts that one would find in my old world.

After a few more hours, we arrive at the male dormitory.

“Before I forget – do you happen to know when princess Sylvein arrives, Asuka?”

“30 minutes before the classes start. Why do you ask? If it is something you need to ask her, I could relay the message in your stead.”

“I do not have a message for the council president. I just wanted to know so I can plan ahead – after all, I would not be surprised if there would be a large crowd around her.”

“That is definitely true…” Asuka replied with a knowing look, “which is why I usually go to school earlier.”

Entering the room, he prepares the things that Akasha had decided to stuff into his inventory, thinking, would it kill Akasha to just show up in person to give me the things like a normal person in this world? It’s not the same as emailing an attachment…

As he takes various items out of his inventory, he found Asuka’s reaction interesting.

Huh. Seeing that Asuka isn’t reacting to the absurdity of accessing another dimension as a form of storage, this must be fairly common.

After preparing for sleep, Asuka and him fall asleep.

[Author’s Note]

Asuka’s first name is pronounced as “A-SKA”. The bird I chose for Asuka is a dove!

The next chapter will be Griffith’s point of view!

Sorry about the short chapter!

There is quite a lot of symbolism packed throughout the series, so comment about what you think so far!

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