TDL&TH Chapter VIII: The Knight Challenges Arrogant Noble

After the typical morning routine, checking Griffith schedule on what is apparently a mana-powered tablet, and questioning Akasha’s motives, he and Asuka are ready to leave for school.

“Haiz… well, lets head to class, shall we?” he asks after washing the dishes.

“Of course,” Asuka responds while faintly blushing.

“Oi… you alright?”

“Ah, I’m just a little hot…”

Deciding not to pursue the matter, he walks with Asuka to the school. At the gate, he sees that the same carriage that was used back when he had first met the princess.

Ah… the princess is earlier than usual today, Griffith thought.

“You can on ahead, Asuka. I think I left something back at the dorm,” he says with an effort put into his acting ability – which is to say that it was not his strong suit.

“Ah, alright.”

Once Asuka is out of sight, he made sure to equip the same white gear over his uniform before Harmonia exits the carriage.

“Good morning, your highness,” Griffith spoke, making sure that his tone did not step over the boundaries.

It was not long before Griffith and the princess were surrounded by a large crowd of students, who were rather curious as to why a white armored knight kneels before the princess.

“You may stand, my knight,” she says as she gently smiles, “and good morning to you too.”

Standing up, a certain voice spoke in his head, yo, Griffith!

Akasha? Griffith inquires, did you finally decide to somewhat better communicate with me?

“I had heard from my roommate when you would arrive, so I thought it would be proper to greet you first, your highness,” Griffith says with an unchanging countenance.

Aw, don’t be like that! Anyway, I gave ya some more regalia! You won’t believe your eyes once you see them, Akasha responded.

“You need not call me ‘your highness’, Artem.”

“Then, what shall I call you?”

“Harmonia is fine,” she responds.

“Hey, who the hell are you and why are you talking to my fiancée?” says a rather arrogant voice, “I do not remember giving you permission.”

“… Are actually betrothed to that arrogant human being, Harmonia?” he whispers.

“Not at all,” she replies.

“How would you like me to dispose of such trash?” he asks in response.

“Hm… you can duel him so you can also debut as my knight, Artem,” Harmonia replies, “while it can also be said that the man’s statement and presence has greatly offended me.”

Turning to face the crudely rude noble, Griffith says, “I am Artem Lockwood. And you are?”

“This great one’s name is Constantinus Mukesh Ender Kingsley XIII,” the trash says, “do your best to remember it!”

“Well, sir Kingsley,” Griffith says as he takes off a glove and throws it at the ground in front of the human trash’s feet, “I challenge thee to a duel, for you have not only offended princess Sylvein with such a statement, but I – princess Sylvein’s knight – has also been offended by the statement and with such perverse speech.”

“Hah! A mere rookie like you should be honored to face off against my grandeur,” Constantinus says with a filthy grin, “in fact, I shall make it a duel to the death for your arrogance towards I, the great Constantinus Mukesh Ender Kingsley XIII!”

“Haiz… if that is how you wish to play, I shall follow,” Griffith responds, “the start of next week, at high noon, the duel will commence in the arena.”

Around them, a questionable atmosphere arises. Talk amongst the students show a surprising concern for Griffith, as the trash is more than competent when it comes to combat – in fact, the trash reigns as the number one strongest in the academy.

In lunch period following the whole declaration of the duel, Griffith is seated across from Asuka.

“How could you, Artem?! Don’t you know how dangerous he is?!” Asuka says, although not loudly enough to attract attention.

“How dangerous is he?” Griffith asks in response.

“He holds the number one spot as the most powerful student in the academy,” she responds, “not only that, but he can take on 20 people and still manage to win.”

“That man has offended princess Sylvein, Asuka,” he says, “offending the royal family is not that cannot be easily resolved – therefore, I intend to fulfill my role as princess Sylvein’s knight.”

“You never told me that you were a knight appointed by the princess as well,” Asuka says while pouting.

“I can understand how a royal family’s personal knight may attract attention, but this is quite… absurd.”

“That is because you are the only knight that the princess has appointed. You are the envy of knights and have gained the jealousy of both swordsmen and swordswomen.”

“After my duel with the arrogant nobleman, they can still challenge me to a duel.”

“You are rather sure of your victory…”

“That is because I know the duel will not even take 10 seconds when I am at my maximum strength.”

“Just make sure you will not regret your decision…”

“I have no intention to. The nobleman has offended me greatly to the point in which no apology can appease such an offense.”

“… Could it be that you like the princess?”

Without hesitation, Griffith responds to Asuka’s question with, “not at all.”

After the lunch period ends, Griffith heads to class, which was about Magic.

[Author’s Note]

The duel will not happen yet… but it will in the next couple chapters.

What do you all think of the nobleman’s name (Constantinus Mukesh Ender Kingsley XIII)?

The next chapter will continue with the narrator’s POV.

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