TDL&TH Chapter XIII: A Night Stroll Through The Flower Garden

Waking up again, Griffith and Asuka do the regular morning routine, then head out to meet up with Harmonia, and go to class.

I enjoyed myself too much in that match against Ethel… thought Griffith as he let out a sigh, it’s not like I enjoy attention – I just tolerate it. I prefer staying as “the guy you don’t really talk to in class.”

“You’re now the star,” Asuka says rather coyly.

“Please, I would rather not be a star,” Griffith responded, “it feels like I am walking to a podium to give a speech.”

“You will get used to it,” Harmonia responded warmly.

“Maybe I will, but not right now,” he responds.

“Well, we are aware of Eirwen and Sibyl being the two halves of Ethel, but nobody has actually managed to get the two halves to become whole in battle,” Asuka says with a smirk, “so this event is mostly your fault.”

“I didn’t mean to draw attention… just had a bit too much fun, that’s all.”

“… Fun?” Asuka and Harmonia ask rather curiously.

Before Griffith could say anything, the first bell of the day rings.

“Lets hurry,” Griffith says as he begins to pick up the pace, “wouldn’t want to late.”

And so, the day proceeds like a regular one. However, by the end of the day, Asuka decides to head back to the dorm early, while Harmonia and Griffith head to the flower garden.

Artem is quite a mysterious person, Harmonia thought, he definitely has many things hidden – and had been rather troubled before – but how can I help him?

“I envy the flowers here,” Griffith spoke, “to not worry about common dangers – just simply growing with a care in the world.”

“Yea, they do not have to worry much about homework or any sort of task,” Harmonia responded and upon noticing the look on Griffith’s face, she smirks and asks, “are you feeling lonely?”

“Hm? What sort of question is that?” he responds with a furrowed brow, “I am walking by you as your guard of sorts.”

“Could it be that the mighty Artem is lovesick, longing for Ethel – his match in combat prowess?” she says teasingly – in a way that felt like she had done an act multiple times – while lightly poking Griffith.

“Harmonia, I am not ‘lovesick’ at all. Trust me, I still act the same.”

“Oh? But everyone saw that wide grin you made during the match, while Asuka and I saw those puppy eyes you made when the match was over~”

“I-I did no such thing!” Griffith said aloud – to the point Harmonia had to cover her ears – and turned quite a feverish red.

“I lied about that, you two moved far too fast for us to see, but you were pretty sad afterwards,” Harmonia says in response.

Griffith hung his head in sadness, realizing he basically gave away his real feelings. Harmonia, feeling bad about lying, pat Griffith’s head while saying, “there, there, it’s all right…”

Afterwards, Griffith escorted Harmonia back to the women’s dorms and the day ends.

[Author’s Note]

I apologise for Chapter XIV taking this long to be completed… it was pretty difficult trying to make this sound normal as possible.

It’s not like I have no experience with interactions like these! Okay, maybe

please don’t look at me like that.

… It’s not like I was a loner, okay?! I had friends during high school!


Griffith: But what about when you were acting like “the cool guy” in grade school after transferring into a new school for 6th grade?

Author: orz

Charlotte: You made him go down on all fours… impressive.

Author: Th-the next side story will focus on Ethel… please look forward to that, readers…
Smh I decided to go for Chapter XIV instead >.>
(It’ll be from Griffith’s POV)

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