TDL&TH Chapter XIV: The Duel With The Arrogant Noble

Well, today is the day.

As usual, get up from my bed, grab a change of clothes, shower, change my clothes, go with Asuka and Harmonia to eat breakfast (hey, it’ll be more convenient for my job), head to the school. But this time, I head to the arena grounds before high noon.

“Hmph, word has been going around that you, a lowly knight, is likely to beat me, the mighty noble of the Kingsley family,” Constantinus says in borderline exaggerated arrogance.

“All you spout is hot air,” I respond, “are you, perhaps, a small dog that merely barks?”

“Hah! You are a joke,” the noble responds, “lets end this quickly – then I will have time to attend to my fiancée.”

Honestly, how can someone as disgusting as him believe he has the right to claim the princess as his own? His arrogance knows no bounds, I guess. I am actually surprised that he bothers to run his mouth and not expect death.

“I will land a strike on you once and only once,” I state, “see if you can dodge it.”

“Hah! Getting arrogant, I see!”

Hmph. Look who’s talking.

A sound of a bell chimes – may be a purposeful auditory trick – which causes my mind to be clear. I should just end the fight efficiently.

Then, it is time. My opponent decides to draw his sword and enhance his body, whereas I use chantless magic to enhance my bone structure, muscles, and add a barrier to ensure the power into my strike.

Without any real warning, my opponent decides to attack first. Although his foundations are fairly solid, he is simply outclassed.

His blade is the standard, double-edged longsword. And decided to go for a fairly “high class” thrust technique, but I counter it by merely striking the flat edge of the blade close to the handguard with a basic horizontal kick with my left leg – causing him to move more to my right.

Once my left foot touched the ground, I rotated my body clockwise to strike the area around the adam’s apple with my right foot’s heel, trying to pack in as much force as possible – without going overboard.

Except I went a bit too overboard.

But hey, he had been wearing a sort of necklace that at the very least, protects against a fatal blow – much like those video game items that leaves your character with 1 HP left, even from a one-hit kill attack.

“At least you’re still alive,” I say to the knocked out noble and walk out of the arena.

Yet, something caught my attention. I knew what it was, but at the same time, I don’t. It felt familiar, but I do not know where it is.

What I know for certain, is that it’s nothing good.

[Author’s Note]

Sorry if this fight is a bit short, but… I’m certainly glad I don’t have to write that lil dipwad’s dialogue >.>

The next part is from the narrator’s POV!

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