TDL&TH Chapter XV: The Reunion

When Griffith left the arena, his reputation only increased – but that did not matter to him.

As he escorts Asuka and Harmonia, students talked in hushed voices – many comments about duel had gone around as quick as a cheetah. The once semi-unknown knight is now a real “pillar of strength”, whose power is equal to or possibly stronger than the person who hold the highest rank – Ethel Klein, number 0.

As the day goes on and becomes night, Asuka and Harmonia are both at their dorms, Griffith heads to the place where Ethel told him to meet up – the rooftop atrium.

It is a calm and quiet night. No disruption and no loud noise that could be heard.

Griffith pauses before the stairwell. He can tell that Ethel is at the place and it is still couple minutes before they actually meet.

Well, here goes nothing, he thought to himself. Walking up the stairs, his heart beats faster, his face heats up, and a horde of butterflies swarming around in his stomach like angry wasps. In fact, it is astounding that he did not pass out from hyperventilating.

“You’re here, Griffith,” Ethel says with a high pitched – yet calming – voice.

“How did you figure it was me? Surely the true names should be hidden.”

“I can always tell by your eyes,” she responds with a gentle smile, “with those eyes, you’re more like a husky than a golden retriever~”

“But I am demonic dragon, not a pet,” he responds, “I bring forth death and destruction, not happiness.”

“Paw,” Ethel says as she holds out her hand.

Without thinking – or more out of instinct – Griffith places his hand on hers. Upon realization, he draws back his hand and Ethel couldn’t help but laugh.

“Brings death and destruction indeed,” she says while laughing, “you’re definitely Griffith!”

That’s how you can tell it’s me?!”

“You’re my cute puppy, after all~” she says as she pets Griffith’s head.

Taking great pleasure in play with Griffith’s hair, it took quite a number of minutes until she stopped.
(Author Disclaimer: Do not try this with other Demon Lords. This is not a common thing for Demon Lords.)

“I thought I lost you forever,” Griffith says solemnly, “when that accident occurred…”

“It’s alright, I’m here with you now,” Ethel says as she sits on Griffith’s lap and then asks, “but how did you even get here?”

Griffith tells her the entire story. The jumping off the cliff all the way to now.

“You could have lived a full life,” she says while pouting, “you didn’t need to do that.”

“Well, a world without you is a world not worth living in,” Griffith responded, “and you would do the same if I died.”

“You’re right about that,” Ethel says in response, “I think I would die from my heart breaking if I heard the news.”

“We haven’t changed one bit ever since we started dating,” he says with a grin.

“And it’s nice that way,” she responds.

“My name is Artem Lockwood in this world, you know,” Griffith says.

“Good,” Ethel says in response with a smile, “I’l be the only one who calls you Griffith.”

As the night drags on, the pair falls asleep – their last words before sleeping was much like the many times in the many years they spent…

Each other’s names.

[Author’s Note]

How was Chapter XV? Hopefully, you all enjoyed it.

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