TDL&TH Chapter XVI: Normal?

From several meters away, stood a lone man, watching them. Angra Mainyu.

“This… is different,” he says solemnly, “I had yet to see the heroine and the demon lord together like this.”

He clenched his fist tight, as if he was in pain, saying, “but it won’t last… I know it. He won’t last long against the darkness…”

Leaving the area, Angra Mainyu makes a plan to kill Griffith.

“Hey you two, wake up!” says a familiar voice.

“12 more hours… I ‘ave plenty o’ time…” Griffith sleepily responds.

“Make it 24…” Ethel says in addition to Griffith’s words.

“You’ll be late to class by then! Haiz… I’ll drag both of you to get ready!” the voice responds.

“Oi, what are ya, me mum?” Griffith says as he wakes up, “it ain’t like we need to bloody rush th’ ole routine…”

“You shower for 45 minutes, Griffith! At this rate, you’ll probably just shower for an hour!”

“Sounds pretty nice right about now…” Griffith says while probably half awake by now.

“Then I’ll join you,” Ethel says while likely somewhere between 25% – 50% awake.

WHA- ARE YOU TWO CRAZY?!” the voice says again.

“This is normal,” Griffith and Ethel speak in sleepy unison, “shower together, eat together, sleep together, be together as much as possible 24/7…”

“I call upon the mighty paper fan of doom,” the voice says, “to wake you two up!”

Two quick and powerful strikes were dealt – one for Griffith and the other for Ethel.

“That was totally uncalled for-!” Griffith says before cutting himself off once he sees who is in front of them, “Harmonia? Asuka? What are you two doing here?”

“Haiz… honestly, I’m not even sure what is normal anymore when it comes to you,” Asuka says with quite a heavy sigh.

“But isn’t it normal?” Ethel asks as if it was completely natural.

“For a married couple, yes…” Harmonia responds while slightly blushing.

“But aren’t we?” Griffith and Ethel say in unison again.

“I’m pretty sure I would remember if a friend of mine got married…” Asuka says in response.

“Don’t worry about it,” Griffith says, “forget that we said anything.”

“That’s pretty difficult to do now…” Asuka and Harmonia respond.

“I’ll go ahead and begin my morning regular routine. I’ll see you all at class,” Ethel says and suddenly vanishes like a ghost, leaving no traces where she once stood.

“Huh. She actually managed a perfect teleport spell…” Griffith spoke, “knowing her, I could use it too…”

Like with Ethel, Griffith also vanished, leaving Harmonia and Asuka rather stunned.

“Artem gets more mysterious the longer I am around him…” Harmonia says, “just what on Asterelia are they?”

“I’m not even sure,” Asuka responds, “I feel like they are much more closer to otherworldly beings…”

I wonder if I made the right call to suggest that Artem be my knight, Harmonia thought, I’m not even sure why he even accepted…

“Come to think of it, how did Artem even become your knight?” Asuka inquires.

“I’m not even sure of that myself…”

“… What?”

“After he turned down my father’s offer of becoming a knight – I know my father well enough that just offering that position is not enough.”

“Why is that, Harmonia?”

“The vice-leader and the leader of the Blood Eagle both died by Artem’s sword like an ant being crushed by a boot.”

Asuka was… rather shocked. Everyone – from rulers to peasants – knew of the vice-leader and the leader of the Blood Eagle’s power. It was infamously made known by the Skyfall Massacre, when the best of the best in the Hunters Guild, the Five Grand Kingdoms, and over 25 million soldiers total, had set out to kill the Blood Eagle mercenaries.

In the end, the vast numbers were decimated by the Blood Eagle mercenaries. Not a single one was spared.

After recovering from the surprise, Asuka notices the time and hurries with Harmonia to class, where they find that Ethel and Griffith were already there.

As the day went on, Griffith’s own status was elevated due to getting along so well with the highest ranking student, Ethel Klein.

[Author’s Note]

I’m really sorry about the late upload… it was rather difficult trying to transition from the previous chapter.

I still feel like this pretty patchy, but this is the best I can do for now.

The next several chapters is going to be like a rather typical slice-of-life anime – or at least something similar. Once I get that over with is when the bulk of the story is going to happen.

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