TDL&TH Side Story III: The (Artificial) Fate

Two blades collide amongst the flaming ruins of Akashic Records Academy and numerous bodies strewn about.

One is Griffith, the other is a hooded figure.

“Damn you!” shouted Griffith in rage, “you fucking monster! Why kill all those people, who likely did not even do you no wrong?!”

“You understand nothing!” the figure shouted back, “I must kill you by any means necessary! If those people die because of it, then let it be done! It is better than letting you kill them!”

“You lie! I am in control of my fate and my future – not even the forces of evil can overcome me!”

THAT IS NOT HOW FATE WORKS. You are a DEMON LORD. Damned to carry the blood of the beasts – your life was not even in your control to begin with!” the figure shouted with rage and anger beyond that of which one could comprehend, “I am merely doing my job!”

The figure is then surrounded by a cloud of dark miasma, which became a violent whirling vortex. Quickly dispersing, the figure is revealed to be Griffith. Taking advantage of his opponent’s shock, ‘Dark’ Griffith quickly appeared in from of Griffith, cutting him in two.

“I hate to do this to myself, but it must be done,” ‘Dark’ Griffith looks at an open book, noticing a single name – Angra Mainyu.

“It is a fitting name… for someone like me,” he says as he opens a locket.

A few moments pass and the sun rises. Closing the locket and tucking it in his pocket, Angra Mainyu says, “my mission is still not done. I must save her from killing me.”

A familiar person materializes from thin air.


“You are close to your goal, Griffith,” she says.

“I have taken up the name Angra Mainyu, Akasha. I can no longer be called by my old name, after what I had done.”

“Well, you should head on to the next timeline if you want to gain the power you seek,” she responds, “the power of a god.”

“Yeah, I already know,” Angra Mainyu spoke.

As Angra Mainyu exited via a rift in space and time, Akasha smiled darkly.

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