The Princess & The Thief: Uriel

Uriel’s story begins with his father, the king of the Erebus Empire, Emperor Baldric Erebus of the Dragon tribe, and his mother, Queen Valencia Erebus of the Elf tribe. It was an especially violent Winter season, enough to completely halt the war between the Orion Kingdom and the Erebus Empire when Uriel was born – coincidentally, Alicia was also born in the same season, but that it not too important as of now. The demons say that on the day his mother gave birth to him, it was the most terrible blizzard ever to be recorded in history – even the humans agreed – and when Uriel cried, the blizzard ended. Not only did the blizzard end, but the rays of sunlight bathed the castle in a golden glow and cloaked Uriel in its heavenly light, which inspired his name.

When he was 5 years old, Uriel was quite a genius of both sword fighting and magic. In fact, he managed to surpass his father, who was a young nine thousand years old, in live combat a month before turning 6 years old. At 10 years old, he managed to overwhelm his father with only the pressure of his magic power. Even though Uriel was a natural prodigy, he was also virtuous and often kept away from the subject of marriage.

It was when he 15 when he saw humans. He was wandering in the Wintervale Forest, which was located near the Orion Kingdom’s capital. It was on a snowy day when he met a human girl his age, whose appearance gave her the feeling of a snow spirit. It was at that very moment when the young prince Uriel met princess Alicia. Their first encounter was rather… interesting.

“Ah, a human is here?” he asks aloud as he drops down from a tree branch.

“Human…?” she says, almost confused by how another human would say that… until she noticed his horns, throws a stick of mistletoe, which hit Uriel, and says, “back away demon!”

“… did you just try to kill me with mistletoe?”

“It can kill a god…”

Facepalming, Uriel began to laugh and says, “you are a very interesting human!”

“Don’t laugh at me!” she yells with a reddened face.

“Sorry, but it was too hilarious,” he responds while wiping tears from laughing.

Time passes as Alicia calms down and eventually, the royal guards came to bring back the princess while Uriel mysteriously vanished. What Uriel never knew why Alicia was in the forest, but he did not care. For the first time in a long while, he was satisfied and happy. He predicted they would cross paths again someday and smiled.

Ihe 5 years since they parted, Uriel had fought in the front line of the war. His power was overpowering to the humans and continued to win battle after battle, pushing the front line 20 miles towards the Orion Kingdom’s capital, Alfengard, in just a single year. In the 300 year history of the war, pushing the line even just a mere 2 miles was considered an impossible feat and pushing it further than 4 miles meant that someone had to either have the strength or intelligence of a god of war. Personally, he felt he never belonged in the battlefield, despite being the commander-in-chief and decorated with various medals and ribbons for his accomplishments.

Most of all, he felt alone and empty. The battles he fought and the lives he took one-sidedly was nothing he enjoyed. He remembered the girl he met in the snowy forest and began to think. Soon enough, his thoughts was all about her and whether or not he should continue fighting this war. It was then that he decided to simply end this war by using the princess – whom was Alicia, but he did not know as he did not know her name – and establish peace by having the next king keep away from the Erebus Empire. After that was accomplished, he would be free of having to fight and just live with the human he so fondly thought of.

When he broke into Alicia’s room, he did not recognize her at all, until she spoke. He suppressed his surprise and his urge to hug her.

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