The Princess & The Thief

In the Orion Kingdom, king Adrian Aelius led humanity in a war against the Erebus Empire – which is a country filled with demons. At this point in time, roughly 300 years have passed since the start of the war. For the humans, they called it a “Holy War” to drive away “the pests off of the holy planet”. For the demons, they called it a “War for Freedom” and to “secure their rightful place in the world”, away from the evil reach of humanity. Many great and legendary figures have fought in the historic war, hundredfold more had died. But that is not the story to tell at this time. This is a story of a certain princess and a thief, a story of two beings bound tightly by the red string of fate. The unending symphony of history still goes on, but the grandest parts begin with the princess & the thief.

All is quiet at night in the capital city of humanity, Alfengard. In the Aelius castle – made from mithril and adorned with platinum, gold, silver, and even diamonds that were donated by the people – a beautiful, angelic princess is preparing herself to sleep in a different room.

In the magic-lit dressing room, she is the living personification of Winter. The silk-like, pure white hair is dyed a vibrant gold by the gentle flame. Her snowy peach skin softly reflects the light, giving off the impression of being the descendant of the divines – or more like an angel who has graced the war-torn land with her presence. The glacial blue eyes enchant all who meet her gaze and become enraptured by a feeling of serene beauty and zen, or as poets would describe it as “the reflection of the world’s innocence and joys”. This snowy spirit-like girl is Alicia Aelius, descendant of Adrian Aelius.

After entering her bedroom, she notices that she is not alone. Entering her room through a diamond glass door that led to a marble gazebo, was a person who was taller than she. After a moment, the figure meets her gaze through the rectangular glass lens held in place by an odd frame.

“Hello there, princess Alicia,” he says in his low and enchanting voice.

“Who are you?” she responds as her body lightly trembles from fear, yet almost charmed by the person – which was not an easy feat to accomplish, not even by the hundreds of captivating young nobles who all strove for her favor. Even she herself knew it was extremely close to impossible to get through the royal guards by any possible means.

But under the moonlight it was clear to see he was obviously different from everyone else. He was by far more attractive than any suitor or nobleman she ever met. His hair is neatly combed and dark, ashen gray colored hair like the foggy mist after a powerful downpour of rain, and refreshingly hazel eyes is clearly seen in the dimly lit room.

“I am nothing more than a thief,” he answers, despite clearly not dressed like a thief and instead wore a rather sharp combination of a white dress shirt and black vest with a white trim – even completing the look with well-fitted dress pants.

Princess Alicia had knitted an eyebrow, unconvinced that the person before her is a thief.

“I truly am quite a master at thievery,” replied the thief with a roguish smirk.

“Oh? Then why have you not silenced I, the witness?” Alicia challenged the thief.

The thief gently pulled in Alicia closer as he wrapped one arm around her waist, gently tilts her head up to meet his alluring gaze and says with a wink, “I am not here to steal objects, princess, I am here to steal your heart.”

From his words alone, she feels as if she was sitting by the fireplace with a warm drink and a book in hand – and he would be the comfortable and soft blanket that envelops her. However, the peace was interrupted by a royal guard on the farthest end of the hallway yelling, “protect princess Alicia! There is an intruder!”

The thief lets her go and opens the diamond glass door. Just before he was about to step outside, she asks him with a slightly smug grin, “you planned all this, didn’t you?”

“Maybe, maybe not.” he replies and with a single movement of his hand, makes a bouquet of black and white roses appear to give Alicia.

“What is your name?” she asks him while the royal guards get closer.

“You can call me Uriel.” he responds and disappears in a flourish of black flowers.

After he disappeared, the fully armed royal guards enter, yelling, “get away from the princess, demon!” However, they soon realized that it was only Alicia in her room. After a careful inspection, the royal guard captain, Caleb, asks the princess, “where is the demon?”

“Demon?” she asks in obvious cluelessness.

“The court mage had detected a powerful demon in your room – it was far more dangerous than even the enemy king. We all had rushed to your aid, princess Alicia,” Caleb says, his aquamarine eyes filled with worry as he kneeled before her.

“There was only an interesting magician,” she replies with a smile.

“Magician? Then shall the person be summoned before the king?” he asks with a clenched fist.

Noticing Caleb’s clenched fist, she says, “Do not worry, he did not do anything serious, Caleb. You and the others should rest, it is getting late.”

Standing up, the royal guards leave and Alicia goes to sleep. On the next night, it is the Starlight Ball, a famous event attended by many of the social elite in the human territory, and is said to be attended by even the demon royalty in secret.  While the majority of the guests were at the ballroom, Alicia is in the castle garden with her friends. Noticing a bouquet of black and white roses, her friends began to ask her questions, but they were interrupted by a certain visitor.

“Hello again, princess Alicia,” Uriel says as he appears from behind a marble pillar.

“Salutations, magician,”

“No royal guards here to catch me? I honestly thought you would be like every other human,” he says with a slight smile.

“I would not be alive yesterday if your goal had been different, Uriel,” she replies with a wry smirk.

“As I thought – you are much more different than any other human.”

“What makes you think so?”

“Demons can always tell when a person is lying, princess. These eyes can easily reveal the truth,” he responds as his eyes glow red.

“It must be rather convenient for you.”

“Humans often lie, far more than you can ever expect. All the humans are living one giant lie,” he says after sitting down on the grass.

“And what would be the lie?” Alicia asks as she sits next to him.

“The lie is that the war is something worth fighting for. But then again, if the commoners were to find out that the war is being fought simply for more slaves and because of such a reason is the cause that their sons and daughters are dying in battle for, the social system might as well collapse.”

“And how do I know that what you say is true, not just some propaganda your father wants you to spread?” she responds, not arrogantly, but rather more on the side of wanting to confirm his words.

“I want you to engrave these words into your heart, princess Alicia. The truth is a greater weapon than any mortal can ever hope to create.”

A moment of silence passes, and Alicia asks curiously, “then do you happen to know anymore truths?”

“Yes,” he responds with a bright smile. And with a voice so sincere that none can ever hope to fake, Uriel responds, “the truth is, I love you.”

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