The Raven Knight’s Ascension

This series will be updated every Friday if possible.

A young girl stands in the doorway to her grandfather’s library, shielding her eyes from the bright light of the fire. The crackling of the flames housed in the fireplace is the only sound in the room.

“Grandpa?” the child sleepily asks.

“Couldn’t fall asleep, Alessia?” asks the old man, as he turns his chair. Clean shaven with semi-long, dove-white hair, and a youthful physical appearance almost made it seem that the old man was only in his mid 30s.

The young Alessia, with ashen gray hair, sits on her grandfather’s lap and asks of him to tell her a story.

“Then, little one, how about this story?” he asks as grabs a white book with gold engravings and glances at a lance displayed on the wall above the fireplace. 

The young girl, looking at the title of the book, asks her grandfather, “what is this about?”

The old man chuckles, saying with a hint of nostalgia, “it is the story of a nobody who fights a Dragon King.”

In the fire-lit library, Alessia slowly falls asleep as her grandfather reads aloud. Placing the book back where he picked it up, he picks up Alessia and begins carrying her to her room.

As the years goes by, Alessia grows up to be – ahem – voluptuous and rather elfin in appearance. Her gold colored hair had grown down to  her waist and she had braided part of her forelocks, held with a mithril cross embedded with aragonite, golden obsidian, unakite, and prehnite.

“I’ll be off, grandfather,” she says, closing the book she was reading and put it on the windowsill of her grandfather’s library she sat upon.

“Good luck on your first day at Arkheimr Knight Academy. Remember the true name the Goddess gave you and do not tell anyone your true name, no matter what, Astraea,” her grandfather replies.

“I always remember the stories you told me, so you can bet I won’t,” Alessia answers with a grin and leaves the library.

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