TRKA Chapter 1

Arkheimr Knight Academy.  An institution founded by Alexander Grant who had remodeled the old abandoned area  to specialize in combat against the beasts who roam the land that appeared 100 millennia ago after an extinction event. Thus, the academy played an integral role in weapons development and another thing discovered that as old as the beasts – magic. Dragons, orcs, goblins, wraiths, werewolves, and many more dangerous monsters threaten humanity, which had caused the academy to become one of the few important institutions of this era.

“Well, I hope my school life isn’t too boring,” Alessia says, looking at the ornate campus.

She walks through the golden gate of the academy and stops before the school crest –  a blue hawk encircled by black anemone flowers. Looking at the area around her, it gives off the impression of a Tudor style town. The neat cobblestone pathways were 6 lane highway wide, healthy and well tended fauna wonderfully spread about as if it was a painting.

“First time here?” asks a male’s voice behind her.

“Huh? Yes, it is,” replies Alessia, turning around to see a black haired guy who is roughly a year older than her. 

“I am Crow Armati, what’s your name?”

“Alessia Adesso. Pleased to meet you, Crow.”

As other students pass by, it paints a wonderful scene – a golden haired, sapphire eyed girl wearing linen white armor and a raven-black haired, ashen-eyed guy wearing pitch black armor facing one another as the aspen trees gently dance in the wind. In the eyes passerbys, the pair almost appearing as lovers.

Then, a brown haired person the same age as Crow slaps Crow’s back.

“Mornin’ Crow! Looks like I got you this time!” the person says with a smirk. Noticing Alessia, the person says with a playful military salute, “I’m Alexander Megalos, Crow’s friend and Chief of the Engineering & Information Technology Division. Nice t’meet ya!”

“Likewise. I am Alessia Adesso. You mentioned a Division?” Alessia responds politely.

“Here at Arkheimr Knight Academy, there is 4 divisions. The Magic Division, Research & Development Division, Weaponry Division, and the E&IT Division. Crow here is the Chief of the Weaponry Division,” he explains. Alexander’s appearance – mainly because of the messy, oak brown hair, black lab coat, and white hoodie – led one to believe he isn’t a Division Chief at all, except he is.

“You’re actually here before the bell rang, Alexander?” a feminine voice asks.

“Miss ‘perfect attendence’, Lilli Herschel…” Alexander condescendingly retorts.

The albino girl, wearing a white lab coat that hung off the shoulder slightly adjusts her tactical shooting style glasses, notices Alessia and introduces herself, “as this bobblehead said, my name is Lilli Herschel and I am the R&D Division Chief.”

“How long have you two known Crow?” Alessia asks them.

“We’re both his childhood friends,” Alexander replies.

The central bell tower rings, signalling the students to head to class. Lilli and Alexander leave in opposite directions, as their division buildings are in opposite directions.

“Hey Crow,  do you know where the Magic Division building is?” Alessia asks.

“It’s just across from my Division building, or Northwest of the Central Main building. Just follow me and I’ll show you, I have time to spare anyways.”

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