TRKA Chapter 2

This chapter and others after this will be slowly following a more “light novel” format, which focuses on more on dialogue. This will just be more utilized in 1 on 1 conversations with named characters.

As Alessia arrives at the Magic Division building with Crow, she noticed how the large emblem above the entrance matched the emblem on the uniform she received. Remembering Lilli and Alexander, she had not seen the Chief of the Magic Division yet, she asks Crow where was Chief of the Division she is entering.

“Your division’s Chief? Died in a battle couple weeks ago. The Magic Division went on an mini expedition to the Arkheimr ruins, but there were more enemies than expected. By the time Lilli, Alexander, and I arrived, the lieutenant and Chief got taken out in order to keep the others safe.”

“… But this is an Academy, why would there be live combat…?”

“It’s fairly uncommon for students to actually die, but nothing bad happens if you get along with  your Division. Us Chiefs and our lieutenants are responsible for keeping our fellow students safe from harm.”

Before Alessia could respond, Crow begins to walk away, saying as he waved a hand, “well, good luck to you. Maybe you will become the next Chief.”

Despite how monotonous Crow’s voice was, Alessia felt a hint of anticipation in his words. Not understanding why he would have such a feeling in his words, she head towards the Division building. As Crow walked, he recalls how Alexander and Lilli had interacted with Alessia and… smiled.

Those two haven’t been like that since Chief died… either that girl is some sort of beast tamer or definitely has the capacity to be the next Magic Division Chief… I should consult with about it with Lilli and Alex later, they do have good eyes after all.

Entering through the main entrance, Alessia is awestruck at the interior, as it was equal to a large, luxurious indoor garden with the walls, floor, and pillars made of marble. There were numbers of certain flowers that were planted in the building, such as the narcissus flower, hyacinth, and anemone. Maybe it was because of the decoration, but Alessia felt if she were to wander, she would find twelve thrones that could seat deities.

In the distance, she could hear a waterfall, to which she walked towards out of wonder. As she walked into the area, the scenery was rather beautiful – the clarity of the water flowing from the artificial waterfall and into the streams, gold holographic railing, and otters playing around near the waterfall amongst the lilypads.

“Ah, are you the new student here?” asks a young man.

“I am,” Alessia replies.

“I am Evangelos Metaxas, and you are…?”

“Alessia Adesso.”

“Well, I hope you find this Division enjoyable. Not many people have been entering since our Chief, Melina Kokinos, died,” he says as his dark brown eyes gave off the emotion of a sad puppy waiting at home for an owner who will never return.

“Who was Melina?” Alessia asks while trying to be polite – clearly effected by the sad puppy eyes.

“As all Chiefs are, she was the strongest out of everyone in the Magic Division. She had long red hair that would remind one of the sunset and always had a honey-sweet voice when she spoke,” he said and decided to explain what happened, “when we embarked on an expedition to the Arkheimr Ruins north of town… we thought there would be at least 20 enemy units tops – we had 40 people in the group, to be safe – but we were wrong. At the pace we were going, the maximum should have been 30, but instead we were ambushed by 100 units. Our group is capable, since we could cast spells much faster, but nearly half of our group got injured in the ambush ad we had to retreat. Unfortunately, a unit that we had not encountered yet – even in the decades after the beasts had appeared, not a single record of such a unit was encountered,” Evangelos’ voice begins to crack, but he still continues to inform Alessia,” Melina, lieutenant Satiria, and a handful of others tried to fight the unit… but when the other Chiefs arrived, it was too late.  Nobody in the Magic Division blames the other Division Chiefs, mind you. Everyone in the Academy knew that the four were close. Some had suspected that Melina was dating Crow, but it was never confirmed. The unit that attacked had a more human appearance… I will never forget those eyes. Those abyssal black eyes that made you feel like your soul was being sucked in…”

Speechless, Alessia could not do anything but try to comfort Evangelos, pitying herself for being so useless at a time like this.

“Can you tell me when then the next expedition will take place?” Alessia asks, her voice smooth and almost like a mother gently calming her crying child.

“In 3 years… why?” Evangelos asks in reply, trying to regain his composure.

With a smile, Alessia answers his question.

“I will become Chief of the Magic Division before 3 years passes.”

Shocked by her statement, he coughed and yelled, “D-! Do ya know what yer sayin’?!” recovering from the shock, he says calmly, “you would need to participate in the Chief Determination Tournament that is held next year and the Magic Division has nothing short of terrifying magic.”

“Chief Determination Tournament?”

“The CDT (Chief Determination Tournament) is, as the name suggests, a tournament to decide who will be the Chief of the Division. Each Division holds one on a certain date. Magic Division’s CDT was finished before the expedition, Engineering & Information Technology Division’s CDT will be held next week, followed by Research & Development Division’s CDT, and lastly the Weaponry Division’s CDT.”

“Next year, huh…”

“Why do you want to become Chief?”

“So I can take down the unit that killed our comrades,” Alessia replies, and it’s the only thing I can do for all of you…

“Not many of us will be able to defeat it though, much less a Chief…”

“Then I will become the General.”

Either from shock or rendered speechless, Evangelos could not reply to her words.

“… What is it, Evan?”


“… eh?”




“If I can fight them before three years ends, I can do some training,” she ever so calmly replies, undaunted at Evangelos’ reaction.

Sighing, Evangelos calms down. 

“You must be crazy to take on four Chiefs…” he says.

“It’ll probably take something crazy to defeat an enemy strong enough to kill a Chief,” Alessia replies with a grin.

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