TRKA Chapter 3

Sorry for the short chapter, but I will be busy with the next two chapter, which will automatically be published – the next one this Friday and the other the following Friday.

After Alessia’s conversation with Evangelos ended, class was relatively simple, as the main focus was increasing Ark Energy capacity. In order to increase the AE capacity, the mage would need to exhaust all their AE via combat training and learn to control his or her AE in order to  effectively use higher level spells.

Although spells do not need to be verbally chanted, those who are experienced in magic can typically sense when magic is about to be casted.

When the last class of the day ends, Alessia heads to the Central Main building’s rooftop atrium. As she arrived, Crow was there, along with Alexander and Lilli.

“Oh? Not many people come up here, besides us. Welcome,” Lilli warmly greets as she notices Alessia first.

“Huh? Someone actually wandered up here?” asks Alexander, whom had just woken up. Seeing Alessia, he says while composing himself, “We’ve already met, yeah? Crow and I made a bet  whether you’d actually come up here. I actually won a bet, for once.”

“Newcomers tend not to come up here. You were the one behind the rumors too, Alex,” Crows retorts.

“But you and Lilli did nothing to stop me – you two actually helped out!” Alexander replies.

Witnessing the scene before her, Alessia does not know what to think of the three Chiefs. Certainly they are the three strongest of their respective Division, but this was certainly… out of her expectations. After the increasingly odd conversation ended, Alexander says, “didn’t you say something about Alessia’s potential, Crow?”

“Huh?” Alessia says, slightly taken aback.

“Potential?” inquired Lilli, who then asks with a raised eyebrow, “potential to be your girlfriend?”

It’s not like that,” Crow responds as he narrowed his eyes at Lilli and Alexander while trying to hide his lightly blushed face. With an sigh, he says, “I believe that Alessia has the potential to become the next Chief of the Magic Division.”

Receiving piercing gazes from Lilli and Alexander, Alessia felt she would suddenly burst into flames from the sheer intensity.

“I could see that happen,” Alexander says with a smirk.

“Definitely gives off a sort of ‘protagonist’ aura… I would not be surprised if she managed to become Chief,” Lilli remarks and sips a cup of tea.

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