TRKA Chapter 5

Early release of Chapter 5.

After leaving the atrium with Crow, Alexander, and Lilli, Alessia remembers their words, which made her want to work harder and improve her abilities. Not only did she remember their words, but she remembers her grandfather’s words.

“Grandfather, how did you get so strong?”

“Astraea, one can be born strong, but that means nothing if not properly refined,” he grabs an ice cube and continues to speak, “imagine this ice cube as a person’s natural talent.

Alessia nods.

The ice cube melts and her grandfather says, “a talent not cultivated is a talent wasted. I became stronger because I worked hard. I may have not had the choice to back out, but I will never regret the hard work and time spent to become stronger.”

The scenes Alessia imagined her grandfather told her of his fight against the dragon king. Her grandfather with his lance in hand, the white cape fluttering in the turbulent rush of the wind and a stoic expression upon his countenance. The “hero” arrogant because of being appointed with such a prestigious title and have already been fighting with his group of fellow fighter. However, the hero was easily killed.

“More of his friends? Hmph. One more small speck can’t possibly hope to crush a planet,” the dragon king says.

“Do not fear, your highness,” Alessia’s grandfather says as he points his blackened lance, “This battle will end quickly now that I have become strong enough to defeat even you.”

“Hah! You surely be jesting, human! What can that pathetic lance can do? The so-called hero’s weapon looked better and stronger, but was pathetic against me, what could something as shabby as yours?”

In what seemed to be a moment that had passed before a loud BOOM is sounded. Alessia’s grandfather vanished from his spot and an instant the air burned with the fury of a supervolcano – in fact, anything that could burn did due to the sheer heat – and a loud crackling of the mightiest lightning bolt that even the lightning bolts of Zeus himself could be silenced. The dragon king’s chest – which was clad in scales that no Human or Dwarven could pierce, yet Alessia’s grandfather did it so easily.

“Human… you certainly surpassed my expectations,” the Dragon King pauses and asks, “tell me your name. As the first Human to ever slay a dragon as powerful as I, it is only right.”

“Regalis Adesso.”

“Regalis, I bestow upon you my soul, for you are the first Human to defeat the mightiest dragon – a feat only everyone but you can dream of.”

The shabby lance turned into Yesaeite – a metal formed similar to diamond, but with the magical blood and soul of a dragon king part in the final process. The lance would later be known as the Soul of Adesso – a weapon that was the physical manifestation of Regalis Adesso’s power combined with the soul of the Dragon King.

I must become strong like Grandfather, Alessia thought after remembering her Grandfather’s story with a smile, so that I can tell the story.

Days pass spent mainly training as much as she can and it is the Engineering & Information Technology Division’s CDT.

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