TRKA Chapter 6

In the grand arena known to students and staff as the “the World’s Arena”, due to being created before the world became one of fantasy. The arena can literally become a frozen tundra to a magma chamber with the advanced technology.

After the development of Arkheimr Knight Academy, the World’s Arena – which used to be a ruin of the old world – was back in business for the CDTs.

Alexander Grant had not founded Arkheimr Knight Academy alone – before he was the academy’s founder, he was only a warrior who had three other companions. Alexander was the melee and ranged weapons expert, one of his companions was a master wizard, one was a professional at using the old world technology – specifically drones, and the last was an inventor and used the old world’s technology to develop better weaponry along with studying the tech.

“Many great Chiefs have come and gone,” says the announcer with a booming voice, “we have the honor of witnessing the strongest Chiefs in the history of this Academy! Alexander Megalos, the Chief of the E&IT division has won as many victories as his childhood friends – which is to say – countless. If the contestants for his position all manage to take him down together, that would be a sight to see!”

Hundreds of Alexander’s fellow Division students versus against himself.

“Do you all think you can defeat me?” Alexander asks with a raised eyebrow.

In response, the opponents unleash as many attacks as possible at Alexander from all various kinds of old world technology. Flying type drones fired rockets, bullets, long range magic, and even grenades! Ground type drones did much the same, some burrowing into the ground and shooting out to attack. However, none of the attacks reached Alexander.

“Not bad, not bad at all,” he says with a grin.

As ground type drone attacks, a beautiful German Shepard-like drone blocks it.

“Well, Garmr, looks like you and your brother gets to see some action,” Alexander declares with a smile.

Garmr, the German Shepard-like drone, has a sleek black exterior with a texture as smooth as melted chocolate flowing down a fountain. Another drone smiliar to Garmr appears, except the color is white – this drone is named Sköll.

The fight only lasted barely 6 minutes.

“I guess it is a bit overkill for you two to be deployed together,” Alexander says as he pets the two drones. Like real dogs, Sköll and Garmr were very much pleased.

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