TRKA Chapter 7

Having witnessed the match, Alessia was astonished at how easily Alexander defeated a large number of opponents while controlling two wolf-like drones. The old world drones were not controlled by Artificial Intelligence, but rather had to be controlled using the user’s mind, transmitting data back and forth rapidly.

Nowadays, it was absurdly difficult to use an animal form drone to the point only a few could pull it off. It was near impossible to even control two at the same time while user moves his/her body at the same time – the person would need to be an uncanny genius in order to just successfully move two drones.

What made Alessia astonished about this was the fact Alexander surpassed her expectations of being a Chief – which is to say, she did not have a very high expectation.

“That’s Alexander for you,” Crow says as he nods his head while being seated on one side of Alessia.

“I am rather surprised the slacker had improved,” Lilli says after a sip of her earl grey tea while being seated on the other side of Alessia.

“Why are you two here?!” Alessia asks after only noticing the pair when they spoke.

“We got bored,” the two reply in unison.

Aren’t Chiefs supposed to act serious? Alessia thought to herself.

“But do either of you have something better to do?” she asked.

“Eh, that can wait for later,” they responded in harmony.

Unable to comprehend their reasons for sitting alongside her, Alessia had not much of a choice but to give up questioning their strange actions that was rather strange, given their status.