The Raven Knight’s Ascension will be put on hold for a while, as I have writer’s block for this series. In the meanwhile, I will also be launching some side stories for The Princess & The Thief.

Anyways, The Raven Knight’s Ascension chapters on this website is one big preview for the launch of a full on e-book and paperback published via Kindle Direct Publishing. After the 10 chapter preview, I will be editing the story quite a lot and make the book the best of my ability.

The Raven Knight’s Ascension will not be the only story planned to be published. Providence Dawn and The Princess & The Thief are two such stories I am planning to turn into full length books, along with other works that have yet to be published.

An anthology is currently being edited, featuring works of mine that have I have not planned to turn into books along with poetry outside of this website that I have already written throughout the years.

11/7/2017 Update

Due to college assignments and whatnot, many projects for this website will be delayed significantly, but may be back on track by this Friday.

Also, today is my birthday.


I will soon be releasing another series, that will be temporarily titled as The Demon Lord & The Hero(ine), so as to not confuse readers from the Wattpad version. Of course, The Raven Knight’s Ascension will also be continuing.

Furthermore, there is now a new admin who will be working alongside me!

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